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Premier Software part of Journey Hospitality (Premier) is the UK's leading provider of spa management software, with over 20 years' experience perfecting solutions for the spa, wellness and leisure industries.

Made from a team of professionals direct from the spa industry, Premier has its fingers on the pulse of what matters for spa directors and managers. And with our combined experience with hotel eCommerce and marketing specialists, Journey Hospitality, we have honed our software to the ever-evolving needs of the spa industry.

With over 450 clients world-over, a scalable solution that grows with you, and extensive aftersales support options, you can be sure that you are looked after with the Premier family.


Premier Software integrates with leading PMS, payment interfaces and access control systems. Discover all on our Partners page.

What our clients say...

Hida Shuleta, Spa & Health Club Manager, at The Landmark Hotel

"[Premier Software] is at the heart of everything we do. From reporting to reservations right through to future forecasting and membership access through the secure card system. It also integrates with our property management system – Opera – which means guests can enjoy treatments without having to set up a separate account as everything is charged straight to their bedroom.

No matter what the query or issue, the support team have been fantastic. Previously I would have waited days for a response but since using... Premier, the response is almost instantaneous, and if they can’t provide a solution there and then, I am given a timeframe as to when I can expect a response."

What our clients say...

Julie Chambers, Spa Manager at The Belfry

“[Premier Spa] just makes everything simple. From its integration with OPERA through to increasing bookings and availability through [onejourney®]. The support team are fantastic. If we ever encounter a problem they are just a phone call away and are quick to respond, which is essential in a fast-paced environment where the guest experience is the key to our fantastic reputation.”

What our clients say...

Ciara Power, Spa Manager at The Europe Hotel & Resort

“[Premier Software] is at the heart of everything we do from retaining client data and memberships through to treatments and class booking. The software enables our guests to enjoy the five-star experience ESPA at The Europe is well-known for.”

What our clients say...

Michael Kay, Group Leisure Manager at English Lakes Hotels

"Fundamental to the success of English Lakes is the ability to manage multiple sites through one business management system, whilst integrating with our PMS and access systems. Having worked with previous providers, we were acutely aware that most focus on single elements such as membership, spa and salon, and we needed a flexible system which seamlessly brings together all our operations through one dashboard. [Premier Software] provides an unrivalled solution which enables us to manage our health club memberships, spa services and water sports centre activities, whilst providing a flawless service to our visitors."

What our clients say...

Emily Williams, Senior Spa Therapist at Nant Ddu Health Spa

"[Premier Software's] capabilities are vast. We are continually learning how to fully utilise the software, but once you know how, it is so straight forward and easy to use.

There are many features within the software, such as automated marketing, which helps save time. Keeping the spa front of mind is essential and [Premier] makes it so easy."

What our clients say...

Phil Harper, Group Spa Operations Manager at 3D Leisure

"[Premier Software] in itself is what works well for us – to identify any individual portion of [Premier] as better than the rest is a difficult task. It’s a well-rounded tool that allows for a great many improvements within a business."

What our clients say...

Stuart Russell, Health Club & Spa Manager at Crown Spa Hotel

"Online by Premier Software has completely revolutionised the way we engage with clients and has opened up a whole new customer base for the spa, enabling us to engage with both new and existing clients at a time to suit them.

Online integrates seamlessly with Premier Software and we have complete control of the date, time and treatments available. In the first month, we saw spa treatment booking increase by 20 per cent and we are looking to maintain this level going forward, whilst expanding the treatments that can be booked."

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