Nant Ddu Lodge Hotel & Spa

The Core of Welsh luxury

Nestled at the heart of the Brecon Beacons, Nant Ddu Lodge Hotel & Spa provides guests with the perfect hideaway to relax and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding countryside whilst behind the scenes, Core by Premier Software® works seamlessly to provide a first-class guest experience.

Part of the Lester Group, Nant Ddu Hotel & Spa is an informal, yet professional retreat which provides just the right balance of peace and tranquillity to help revitalise guests in a stunning location.

Perfectly situated to experience the best of South Wales, the Nant Ddu spa experience is one of friendly familiarity. Personalising the experience without being intimidating is key to its popularity and success.

Whilst the team concentrate on the spa experience, the client journey is further enhanced by a streamlined business management system which puts guests at the centre of its business decisions – Core by Premier Software®.

“I have been working with Premier Software for over eight years and most recently with Core, which has transformed not only how we work, but how we interact with our guests to provide a truly personalised experience,” says Emily Williams, Senior Spa Therapist at Nant Ddu Health Spa.

Creating a memorable experience for guests is essential, but tailoring packages to suit guests preferences has become much easier since Nant Ddu spa has started using Core and extracting data to match guests preferences with offers and treatments.

“Core retains all our guest data which makes it easier to mix and match packages and treatments based on their personal choices,” says Emily.

“We can set up automated email confirmations following a booking, email reminders the day before a guest is due to arrive and also a reminder to email previous guests on their birthday.

“Core is also very good at providing a snapshot as to how the business is performing. White space can easily be monitored as can stock usage, enabling us to adapt and respond to any pressure points quickly.”

Emily Williams, Senior Spa Therapist at Nant Ddu Health Spa

"[Premier Software's] capabilities are vast. We are continually learning how to fully utilise the software, but once you know how, it is so straight forward and easy to use.

There are many features within the software, such as automated marketing, which helps save time. Keeping the spa front of mind is essential and [Premier] makes it so easy."

Although the guest experience is central to Nant Ddu spa’s success, utilising a range of functions within Core to suit the business need has been critical.

“We are still discovering the full capabilities of Core, but the efficiencies it has provided enables us to concentrate on growing the business whilst focusing our energies on providing a truly relaxing spa experience for guests,” says Emily.

Designed specifically for the spa, wellness and leisure industry, Core is Premier Software’s® flagship business management system and can be used as a single and multi-site software solution.

GDPR compliant, it is the system of choice for independent and boutique hotels, right through to world-leading hotel groups.

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