After spending many weeks researching salon software packages, a friend recommended Premier and from the outset I knew they were different.

"Investing in software is a huge consideration for any business and I wanted to ensure that not only it had all the functions I needed but if I ever had a problem, there would be someone available to talk it through."

"From the very first call they were not only friendly, but they knew how to explain everything in detail so it was easy to understand. At the initial meeting we covered everything from the cost of the new system to how Salon could help manage the business. Premier also offer flexible payment plans, which made the decision easier and ensure we could concentrate on the salon’s fit-out."

"Salon is really easy to use. Everything is broken down into sections from reception through to the system’s management. The training is also second to none, and by the time we had finished we were confident we knew how to use it."

"Since day one we have been able to resolve any problems, either through on-screen tutorials or by speaking to one of the support team, nothing is too much trouble."

"Salon is flexible, and we love being able to manage bookings from home and continue to learn. Salon is integral to our success and we would definitely recommend Salon and Premier to anyone."

Becky Dobney

Salon Owner, Dobney London