March 2022


A big thank you to everyone who attended our first Core by Premier Software® forum of 2022.

Held on Tuesday 15th March, the forum provided an opportunity to share new Core features and integrations with clients. A huge thank you also goes out to our partners from Journey Hospitality, Smartbox Group and Made for Life Organics for their brilliant presentations.

“It was great sitting down with the [Support Manager and Project Co-ordinator]. We found this invaluable. We got everything we wanted from the forum. It was nice to meet some lovely people [too].”  - Lizzie Bath, Spa at Ye Olde Bell.

Did you miss our Q1 forum? Don’t worry – we have more planned in future. Keep your eyes peeled on your inbox for more.


The Government have issued an important update to the regulations for non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

The proposed amendments aims to set out a licencing scheme to prevent unsafe practices, which have increased over the past few years. The updates include setting standards for training, qualifications and competency for the procedures, checking that all devices and products are legally sourced, and that practitioners have insurance.

Read the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health report for all the details.


Lay the groundwork with Salon by Premier Software® .

Dab on a layer of success and add the finishing touches to your business with Salon’s multi-layered features. From enabling online bookings, gift card functionality, promotions, repeat bookings, recommended products and more, Salon has plenty to help you boost your revenue.


Core by Premier Software®  now integrates with Wowcher and LivingSocial to bring your spa experiences to new audiences and increase bookings.

With Wowcher introducing 180,000 new clients to UK spas every year, you can maximise occupancy and drive incremental revenue using Core and Wowcher’s connectivity.

Discover how Premier Software’s partnership with Wowcher and LivingSocial can help you.


With Salon, you can set-up categories that staff can earn commissions on, such as massages, facials, retail or vouchers, without being limited to pre-set options. You can also assign commission rates for each category, as well as for staff roles or events.

Get started by watching our commission videos below.

Not using Salon? Book a free presentation today to get started:


Refresh your software knowledge with our scheduled webinars – now held on a Monday!

Whether you want to teach a new member of staff the essentials, refresh your knowledge, or learn about the latest features, our expert trainers will guide you through the details.

Salon webinars:

Introduction to Stock – 25th April @ 10:00 a.m.

Advanced Stock – 25th April @ 10:30 a.m.

Marketing – 25th April @ 12:00 p.m.

Reporting – 25th April @ 1:30 p.m.

Online Booking - 25th April @ 2:30 p.m.

Did you know… Core?

With Core, you can set-up food and drink items ready for clients to purchase on-site and earn you additional revenue. Watch this in action:

Did you know… Salon?

You can set up silent appointments in Salon. Watch below as we show you how to set up these services in your software, market them and make appointments available for online booking.

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