Coronavirus Resources

Rota Column Closure

How to close staff rota columns for lockdown measures or holiday purposes.


Gift Voucher Expiry Dates

Review and extend gift voucher expiry dates.


Premier Mobile Arrivals

Review questionnaires and arrive clients ready for their appointment with Premier Mobile Arrivals.


Appointment Ready SMS

How to set-up and send SMS to clients when you are ready for their appointment


Free Posters

Request a copy of our free COVID-19 posters below.

These include: No walk-ins / Please stand behind the line / Please keep a 2m/1m+ distance / Contactless payments only / Collection & drop off point / Please do not handle the products / No eating. Water in disposable cups only / Please wait here / We will text you when it is time for your appointment /  Please attend your appointment on your own / Please attend the spa/gym on your own / Spa/gym hygiene - hand washing, touching your face, sneezing / Please use the hand sanitiser available / Please do not attend the spa/gym if you have the following symptoms / If guidelines are not observed, no services will be provided.


Request your copy below:

COVID Client Warning

Alert clients if a staff member starts to display symptoms of COVID-19 with this guide.


Revisit your diary

Adhere to social distancing using either Group Activity or Facility booking within Core.


Medical Questionnaire Guides

Set up your COVID-19 medical questionnaire and send it in advance of a client's visit using these videos:


Reopening: At its Core

Prepare your spa for life after coronavirus with our free guide!


Request your copy below: