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Take payment with Premier payment solutions

When looking for a payment platform to suit your business, it is important that the solution is simple, easy to use and cost-effective.

Premier Software has partnered with industry specialist Monek Limited, who have extensive card payment experience and expertise, to provide a trusted payment gateway that helps to keep costs down while fulfilling your needs.


Premier Payment Solutions are integrated at all levels to ensure a simple, seamless payment experience for clients: at reception, over the phone or online.

Credit and Debit

As you would expect, Premier's payment gateway supports all major credit and debit cards.


Premier Payment Solutions comply with the highest security standards for card processing.


Monek work with preferred partners to provide the best value, high quality service that saves you time while being reliable and secure.

Watch our demonstration

Watch how to take payment at reception using PQQ machines, over the phone using Customer Not Present virtual terminals, or online with Premier's payment gateway.


Intrigued by this integration? Download the data sheet for a more detailed overview.

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On reception

Take payment on reception with Monek’s Chip and PIN terminals that connect directly to your Premier system.

There are two PDQ terminals for you to choose from: a countertop version, ideal for busy reception areas, or a Wi-Fi option for when customer privacy is required.

PDQ terminals start from just £15 PCM for countertop versions or £21 PCM for wireless terminals. Each machine can be connected to multiple computers within your business – helping to keep your costs down.

All prices Ex.VAT.

  • Highest Security Standards
    All PDQ machines are certified to the highest security standards.

  • Contactless Payments
    All terminals are set up ready to accept contactless payments.

  • Back-lit Screen
    The PDQ screens are back-lit to aid legibility.

  • Disability-friendly Keys
    Both countertop and Wi-Fi versions have disability-friendly keys.

  • Intuitive Interface
    Each terminal has an intuitive menu-driven interface.

  • Thermal Printer
    The machines come complete with inbuilt thermal receipt printer.

Online Payment Gateway

Whether clients are booking appointments or purchasing vouchers through your website, Premier’s payment gateway enables you to process payment there and then.

Access to the gateway costs just £18 PCM, with a rate of 9p per transaction and a 1.75% acquirer fee with Monek’s preferred partner. These rates are indicative and dependent on conditional charges for chargebacks, refunds, PCI etc.

Alternatively, Premier offers a rate of £18 PCM and an introductory fee of 15p per transaction when linking to leading acquirers. Please speak to your account manager for further information.

All prices Ex.VAT.

  • Appointments and Packages
    Secure payments for appointments and packages online.

  • Membership Sign-up
    Accept membership sign-ups and renewals through your website.

  • Gift Vouchers
    Secure additional revenue by retailing gift vouchers 24/7.

Customer not present

When taking payments over the phone, you want to ensure that your business is fully protected against fraudulent activity.

Premier's virtual terminals ensure money can be taken safely and securely in a reservation or call centre environment.

Refer to Online Payment Gateway for pricing.

  • Integrated Solution
    Virtual terminals integrate with your Premier system's till function.

  • Reservation Environment
    Ideal for a reservation environment where advanced payments and deposits are taken.

  • Anti-fraud Protection
    Enables on-screen payments and checks the card is registered against the client and address.

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